Homemade Cucumber Toner for Skin

Cucumber is very well Know vegetable due to its cooling effect. Cucumber has many agents which help in the growth of new cells in the skin which enlightens your face.

Cucumber and Lemon Enlighten Your Skin. It also helps to give you protection against sun Burn. You can also Use This Tone on Skin and open Pores of Legs and Hands.

Cucumber Toner For Skin in English:


Fresh Cucumber

Lemon Juice



  • Peel a fresh Cucumber and cut it into small slices or pieces.
  • Make the Juice of Cucumber Pieces in Blender.
  • Add Lemon and Rosewater Juice in the cucumber juice, Mix nicely.
  • Pour toner in a Spray Bottle.
  • Spray Toner On Your Face and Let it be Dry.

You Can useĀ it on Legs face hand and Neck. You SHould be careful While applying on Face.it does not go into your eyes.


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